He Is My Smart Boy

He is Raphael Pandapotan Agustinus Simanungkalit, will be 2 years old this first August.

For something good to do, he always wants it before I push him to do it. Smart boy…

> no pacifier since the begining of his life
> ‘tatatata‘ is his first word at his-6-month
> using only a glass with(out) a straw to drink since 9 months
> having deep curiousity about automotive since 12 months
> no diapers except sleeping at night, since 18 months
> doing his routines before sleeping: turn-off the lamps and tv, turn-on AC, and praying, as he always says ‘A’el bisa’.
> being a decision maker of what he needs: ‘gandeng papa aja’, ‘nyanyi in the night garden aja’, ‘tolong ambilin mobil ael’, ‘pake baju kancing’, ‘jalan-jalan yok!’.
> a fast learner, motivating us as his parents being good model for him

But… I still have a job. Teaching him using a toothbrush is my big big big homework. Handsome boy… huft!šŸ˜€


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