Silver, The Helper :)

Daihatsu Taruna CL Silver Year 2006

No… I am not going to give a review about the car.

This car has many meaniful stories for us. We call it ‘silver’.

We bought Silver, replacing the old one, was because of mom. She has heart attack. We thought, when mom gets heart attack, we can take her to the hospital with a comfort.

In fact, only two times we took mom with Silver before it took another important job. For around three weeks until papa passed away Silver had made everything going easier to arrange.
Papa and Silver, two things that never be separated in memories.😥

In other story, we almost use it for our wedding car. X_X
It is to high for me with kebaya.😀

Silver only can take 5 people in. But at the back side, it has enough space as a baggage. So,,, when we have an outdoor activity, everything is in a baggage, haha…

My son really loves Silver. Every morning and noon he is there to ‘drive’. Even when he got chickenpox, he asked to play in the car. Now, he who is only two years old, can turn on the machine, wiper, lights, audio. Good boy.🙂

Without papa, I handled Silver’s maintenance almost alone (thank GOD finally there is my husband there, hehe). Paying fuel, annual tax, services, no… it’s too hard for us. But we still need a car. We believe we can do all things. So far, we did it, thanks GOD.

This March, there will be 6 years of having Silver. Still,,, it is not too old to be a helper.

We used it when my father in law was hospitalized in Jakarta. Last midnight Friday my husband took my cousin to the doctor immediately with Silver.

We love Silver very much. Silver is cool for our lifestyle… but the most important thing, Silver is very useful for EVERYONE. Mission accomplished, Silver… Papa must be proud having you.😉